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Friday, October 22, 2010

Apple Pie

Apple Pie and Fall go hand in hand. It's funny, but it's the time of year that I get antsy to make pies. I shouldn't, because my blood test recently showed that I have Type II Diabetes. It's strange, I was diagnoised one week and one of my sons was the next week. I made two apple pies though, one with regular sugar, and one with sugar substitute. I also made a pumpkin pie, some my family's favorite.

To begin my baking I doned my new apron given to me by Layne and Jana during our visit to Indiana.  Then I got out my ingredients and made my crust.  The crust turned out great, I'm sure the apron had something to do with it. 

This rolling pin is one of my favorites.  It was a shower gift given to me when my hubby and I got married over 50 years ago.

My Recipe Below
I used Gala Apples.  I also used cornstarch
instead of flour to avoid any gumminess. 
1 Tbls. orange juice
5 or 6 cups of sliced apples
2/3 to 1 cup of sugar, I used 2/3 cup
3 Tbls. cornstarch
1 rounded tsp. cinnamon
dash of nutmeg and ginger. I have used all spice.
Put juice in a large bowl and add apples that have been sliced about 1/4 inch thick. Toss all other ingredients together and mix with hands.  Put bottom crust in a large pie plate letting edges hang over.  Fill with the apple mixture. Dot top with a little butter. Cover with top crust.  Cut off excess with a knife, and crimp edges with fingers  for a decorative edge.  I cut some small slices in the top for steam to escape.  Brush the top with egg wash. (1 egg yolk and 1 Tbls. water) 
Bake for about 65 minutes.  Half way through baking time, place a piece of aluminum foil  on top to prevent too much browning.
Place in preheated 375 degree oven. Let cool and enjoy with a scoop of ice cream.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

It was a wonderful vacation in Warsaw, Indiana.  We went to visit our oldest son and his family.  Paige, one of our granddaughters here, went with us.  Our days were so full of activities.  We were able to see them all do what they do on a daily or seasonable basis.  We traveled all day on Monday, then on Tuesday we went with Layne to watch him coach his 7th grade football team.  It was a beautiful day, and we watched as the shadows lengthened in to early evening.

Wednesday we visited a neighboring town that sports several antique stores.  We ate at a Chinese restaurant. Went home picked up Emily and Mason, and took them to their Teen group at church.  While they were doing that we went to Grace College, and showed Paige around.  It was the first time we'd seen the new gymn.  After that we went back to church and watched the Praise Band practice for Sunday. Layne, Emily and Mason, along with 4 others made up the group on Sunday.

Thursday, Layne, Paige, Harvey and I went to the Amish Country.  This was mainly my trip. They apease me, and tolerate it.  I save my money for this trip, and buy new patterns for quilts and other things.  I like to get new ideas, because I see things there that I don't see at home.  We ate at the Easenhaus, and everyone enjoys that.  We purchased 2 pies to take home to  the rest of the family.

Friday was a big day for Emily and Mason.  It's their homecoming game at Warsaw High.  In the afternoon they had a downtown parade.   There wasn't much time space before we had to leave for the game.  The band, was terrific as was the pep band, and the game was won which made a bunch of people very happy.  We were all caught up in their happiness.  We met Jeff Perky, Emily's boyfriend.


Saturday, another big day, it's band competition.  Mason and Emily had to be at school almost all day to practise. We left about 5:30 p.m. to meet Jeff at church.  He went with us. The competition was about and hour away.  The band was spectacular!!!  They didn't bring home the gold, but in our eyes they were golden.  We got home about 1:00 a.m.

                                                  Emily at practise the day of.      

The Performance

Sunday was church, the preaching was great, the praise band was great,  and dinner after was good too.  They had planned a picnic at church after the service.  Sunday night, we had a concert downstairs, and that's something I always enjoy. Emily played her clairanet, Mason on the guitar, and Layne at the piano.


We left about 7 a.m. on Monday.  We had a wonderful, full week.  I felt bad cause Jana had to work everyday, but she kept everything going.  It was so good to be able to see Emily and Mason perform.  They are very talented, and we were proud grandparents.  I just wish we could see them every week.  As someone so aptly said, " a little piece of pie is better than no pie at all."