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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Fish Tale

My writing teacher challenged us to write a story as if our pet was telling it.  This is my true story, and Alexandra is the "Little face with long blonde hair."

A Fishy Tale

It was a special day when I saw two of the funniest faces peering in at us. I was living with a group of fish in a holding tank at Walmart Fish Center. One of the faces is smaller than the other one, with big blue eyes and surrounded by long blonde hair. I hear her say,

“But Nana that’s the prettiest one of them all. Her flesh is more golden than all the rest.” The face she called nana exclaimed

“She cost five dollars! Why can’t you get one that cost one or two dollars, because it will probably die in a week; and we’ll be flushing it down the potty.” How dare her! She’s already planning my funeral. Little golden hair begged,

“Please, please, please Nana.” Thank goodness she won out, and I was rescued from all the other fins. Rescuing could be dangerous. The rescue net ran me around and around the tank. I was afraid my golden flesh would be cut or bruised. If that would have happened, I might have been thrown back. Thankfully my rescue was successful. I was placed in a plastic bag with some water, and then placed in my new owners little hand.

We finally got to a big place they called home. They had bought me a new water-home with decorations so I wouldn’t get bored. They called me Fishy. Wouldn’t you think they would have been a little more original? Something like Goldie would have been nice.

At my new home there’s a bigger face with short dark hair. He’s always approaching my home calling,

“Fishy, Fishy,” and dropping flakes in my house. Boy, do they taste good! Now when I see his big hand coming my way I go to the surface and take it right out of his fingers. See I’m not only strong enough to survive, but I’m smart also. The pretty little face with the long blonde hair and big blue eyes moved away. I was sad and missed her sorely. That was six years ago, and I’m still in my home. I guess I showed them.